Cut through the pointless messages, get up to speed without missing a beat, or being distracted!

Zivy is the card up your sleeve!

The inbox is like a box of chocolates,You never know what you’re gonna get.

Get a prioritised view of your messages.  Everything important will be exactly where it belongs—up top!

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Take Actions in a

With Zivy you can schedule your messages and tasks directly to your calendar, snooze what’s not needed at the moment, and list it to do later.

You focus on the now.

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AI Powered Label Maker

Ever had to sift through folders named 'untitled' or open files called 'final_v3' to find what you are looking for?

Zivy intelligently assigns tags to all your messages, making it easy to find the information you need, when you need.

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Hitting the right keys

Zivy is keyboard driven and super fast to use.
You won’t have to use the touchpad ever again.

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Relationship like fine wine

The more you use Zivy, the more it learns what’s important to you and makes the experience personal to you.

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"Did they email it to me?"

"Did I note it down?"

"Was it on Slack?”

It’s on Zivy!

You can integrate Zivy with all the work apps that you use

That update you’re looking for on Slack, the notes you took on Notion and the message about timelines you need on Jira — it’s all here.

And more coming soon!

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And many more helpful features await!

Got 60 seconds?

That’s all we need to get you started!

And we promise it’s not like the five minutes your colleague asks of you which turns into an hour!

Why Zivy?

It often  ping  happens that we are hit with an inspira-  ping  -tion but get side-  ping  -tracked by an alert tone.

To deal with this onslaught of notifications, we continue to resort to rudimentary methods like ignoring and muting channels, marking emails 'unread', relying on DMs and mentions and hoping that if it's important, they'll call. This requires relentless discipline which is not easy to keep up.

We believe that humans were made to build, create, travel and live, not just keep up with all the communication tools that were originally created to simplify our lives.

With Zivy, we aim to bring you a solution that takes us away from this chaos.

No, it's not yoga :)

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Data Security

One Byte at a Time

While Zivy integrates with external services like Slack, and GMail, it does so using OAuth2.0—the industry standard for authorizing secure access to third-party applications.
We follow strict API-level authentication requirements—with complete respect for the permissions you grant.

Soon, Zivy will also be SOC-2 certified to ensure complete encryption and security for your information.
You don’t have to take our word for it—Zivy’s privacy and security processes are audited annually.

Your information is constantly protected by utilizing AES-256 encryption for data at-rest, and in-transit by enforcing HTTPS communication with SSL SHA-256 ECDSA Certificates on the latest TLS 1.3.
The data from the web app is stored in secure AWS data centers that are certified to meet the compliance requirements of SOC-2 and ISO27001.

Your privacy matters.  If you have any concerns or questions — reach out to us at

Life is messy

Your inboxscribble illustration doesn’t have to be!