The Zivy Story

January 11, 2024 ·    2 minutes

Read. Reply. Review. Repeat.

In the current workspace, that’s all of us. We are trying to do it all and at the same time feel like we’re doing nothing at all. The messages blend together. The work seems monotonous. We find ourselves drowning in an endless sea of notifications that constantly demand our attention. We are all hanging by threads, virtually! Emails, slacks, messages, and endless meetings have made it difficult to get work done – especially for managers. About 65% of these emails go unread. Approximately 38% of managers feel overloaded by information to truly act on any of it. Instead of managing people, projects and morale, managers now need to manage notifications. The result? An overwhelming feeling of burnout, because there’s always work to be done. Days turn into nights as we struggle to keep up with the inbox chaos. And the love for the job slowly slips away. We've seen ambitions, and motivations crushed under the weight of *tings*! Stopping all communication and muting all apps might be the easiest solution. But the right solution? Sort those notifications out. Prioritise what needs your attention first, get rid of clutter on and off screen, and be amazing.
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Zivy does exactly that, and more. It intelligently sorts and prioritises messages, allowing you to focus only on what really matters to you. When you find time to really zone in on a project, without feeling the need to multitask, you get into a productive flow state. Regularly getting into a state of deep work rewires your brain into finding the joy in work. It brings you the exhilaration of creating, building and innovating. From the way you see messages and how you act on them, to how people reach you, we’ve built Zivy to keep it simple and help you do your best work.
Zivy is not about doing more, it’s about doing better. After all, when was the last time you were productive and not just busy at work?